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Rates, Discounts & Single Night Stays

Most B&Bs Require a Minimum 2-Night Stay. 
We Allow Single Night Stays For A Small Extra Fee.

WEEKDAY SINGLE-NIGHT RESERVATIONS: Our reservation system will accept a week-day single-night-stay starting 21 days prior to the check-in date.

WEEKEND SINGLE-NIGHT RESERVATIONS: A weekend single-night-stay reservation will be accepted by the system beginning the Sunday preceding the weekend check-in.

Why Do The Elves Charge A Single Night Stay Fee, Anyway?   Sometimes we're asked why the elves charge a single night stay fee.  Well, we are not a commercial hotel. Time and effort go in to greeting and orienting our guests and the elves preparing rooms after a guest departs.  Our costs and time investment are higher for a single night stay (the elves don't work for free!) So, while many B&Bs don't allow single night stays under any circumstances, we allow them for a small additional fee.  The fee is higher for the Penthouse because of the time necessary to explain hot tub spa operation and other Penthouse amenities. 

That's why a single night stay fee is always charged - it's simply more work, time and expense for us. So, in other words, if you're staying in one room for only one night (even if you wished to stay more nights in that room) a single night stay fee will be charged. We lower the prices of our "one-night only" availabilities knowing that a single night stay fee will be charged. The online reservation system does not automatically add the single night stay fee, so it will not appear on your initial confirmation - the Moonlight elves will add it manually prior to check in.

All Of Our Guests Receive The Same Low Rates: That's right:  AAA, AARP, active military, retired military, Costco,, astronauts, fire-fighters, police officers, retirees, life guards, CEOs, travel agents, politicians.... everybody enjoys the same low rates.

Last Minute Discounts:  Just like the airlines reduce the prices of their unbooked seats shortly before the flight, the Moonlight elves reduce the prices of our unbooked rooms starting 3 weeks in advance, then keep reducing the rate each week. The closer the check-in day, the lower the rate (the airlines actually copied our idea - and we invented the internet, not Al Gore).  You will see those lower "last-minute" prices reflected on the reservation calendar.

Our rates are based on single or double occupancy. Third and fourth occupants are $18.00 per person and will be manually charged by the elves after you make your reservation. IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ADDITIONAL GUESTS: only the Beach and Serenity Suites can accommodate more than 2 guests. Beach and Serentiy accomodate up to four but no more. Don't try to sneak in any additional guests or children because the Moonlight elves will find out and charge you $75 per violation per night - they know everything! Be sure to review the policies about children on the policies tab.

Rates vary by the room, day of week and time of year - makes sense, right?  - but some folks wonder, so we thought we would note that rates are higher on July Fridays than on February Tuesdays. Anyhow, it's easy enough to check rates and availability by using the calendar on our on-line reservation system


Inn at Moonlight Beach

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