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Hot Tub Spa Conditions of Use

  By using the hot tub spa, you agree to:
  1. Shower, shampoo and rinse thoroughly before each use of the spa.
  2. Remove all makeup, lotions and oils before entering the spa.
  3. Put long hair "up" to prevent residual shampoos and conditioners from soiling the spa water.
  4. Keep the insulated cover closed when spa not in use.
  5. Not sit or lie on the spa cover.
  6. Not consume food while in the spa.


Ann and the view from the
Penthouse's private hot tub spa.

A note from Ann:  My pledge to you is a wonderful experience and a sparkling clean hot tub.  I take that pledge very seriously. When you check in, I will show you to a crystal clean hot tub. 

It is easy to keep the water in the spa as crystal clear as you found it:  (1) carefully remove all make up, (2) shower and rinse thoroughly to remove all body lotion and oils, and (3) keep long hair up before each use.  These simple steps will keep the spa water quality excellent. 

If you fail to remove all body lotions and oils, the hot water will dissolve them, leaving an oily film on the surface after the jets are turned off.  Make up will dissolve into the hot water and leave a scum ring around the walls.  Residual shampoo from long hair or detergent in bathing suits will cause the water to foam when the jets are on.  All these conditions necessitate a complete water change in order to provide the next guest with a sparkling clean spa. 

By making a reservation, you agree to the following conditions of use. 

If upon checkout there is an oily film on the surface after the jets have been off (dissolved body oils and lotions), a scum ring around the walls (from dissolved make up), or if the surface foams when the jets are on (residual shampoo from long hair or residual detergent from bathing suits) then the water must be changed and $100 will be added to the room charge ($25 an hour for 3 hours of labor plus $25 for new water and pH balancing chemicals).   

If the cover is sliced or torn from a sharp object or careless use, or cracked or caved in (spa covers are made of molded Styrofoam) from sitting or lying on it, the replacement cost of the cover will be charged to the room (approximately $280).

SPA HOURS ARE 7:00 a.m. TO MIDNIGHT:  The spa is heated all day to 101 degrees. For your tranquility and the tranquility of the guests below you, the spa is on a timer. The power goes off at 10:00 p. m. until 7:00 a. m.  The insulating cover keeps the spa at about 100 degrees until midnight; you are welcome to use the spa from 10:00 p. m. until midnight without the jets.  The spa should be back to 101 degrees by 8:30 a. m. (if not, let me know at once!).

~ Ann Dunham


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